Breast Cancer Talk Tawheed School

Lions Club Mombasa Bahari Cancer Awareness Campaign at Taweed Girls High School, Malindi

Lady Lions of Mombasa Bahari continue to raise breast cancer awareness at the Kenyan Coast. On Saturday April 18, 2018, the Lady Lions were in Malindi at Tawheed Girls High School to give knowledge to the 250 boarders on breast cancer. The talk was organized by the Breast Cancer Convener, Lion Amena Ganiwalla and coordinated by Lion Mary Mwami, the Service Activity Convener. The talk was facilitated by Dr. Tasneem Muffadal, Medical Officer of Health, Malindi County Hospital.

The girls were taken through biology, the anatomy of the human body, cells, types of cells, cause of cancer, signs and symptoms and all related factors. The girls were also shown a demonstration by Lion Mary on how to conduct a Breast Self-Examination, BSE, every month, which is the basis of detecting a lump which might be cancerous or not, as early detection saves life. The girls were delighted to have had the cancer topic, asked numerous questions and indicated that they had now gained the basic/necessary knowledge of breast self-examination, information which they would pass on to their day scholar colleagues. One student also had the opportunity to be screened by the doctor as she thought that her breasts had an abnormality which she wanted cleared. All was well, she was reassured.

At the end of it all the Zone Chairperson Lion Rashida Pirbhai appreciated Dr. Tasneem for a very informative talk and thanked the girls for being attentive and requested them to pass on the knowledge gained not only to their colleagues but to their families and friends at home. 

Lion Mary F. Mwami
Service Activity Convenor