Malindi Medical Camp 2014

Posted on Sunday, 09/Feb/2014
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The Lions Club of Mombasa #Bahari carried out a very successful MEGA OPERATIVE PLASTIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY, GENERAL SURGERY and GYNAECOLOGY CAMP at TAWFIQ HOSPITAL, MALINDI from the 5th to 9th February 2014.
All patients had been pre screened and patients in need of surgical intervention were identified. The Club team reviewed all the patients and surgical procedures began in earnest on Wednesday 5th February 2014 in the afternoon.

DR. ANIL TIBREWALA, a very renowned and highly regarded PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE and ASTHETIC SURGEON flew in from Mumbai to review and carry out all the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical procedures. Despite his very busy schedule, Dr. Tibrewala has, for the last 17 years, lent his expertise to the people of the Coast. This year, he carried out 16 major procedures. These included repair of Cleft Lip and Cleft palate, release of burns contractures and skin grafting.

Club Surgeon, Lion Dr. Yusuf Palkhi, Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon screened numerous patients and carried out 24 major surgeries. These included repair of Inguinal Hernias & Hydrocoeles, mastectomy for #Breast #Cancer and excision of various growths on the body.

Lion Dr. Mala Jamal, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist carried out 5 major gynaecological procedures. These included Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, & exploration and drainage of Pelvic Abscess.
She also carried out breast examinations on over 80 patients as a part of the #Breast #Cancer #Awareness #Programme.

The club would also like to thank Dr. Hussein Moosajee who assisted all the doctors in their respective surgeries. Young but very hard working.

Administration of Anaesthesia for all the surgical procedures was in the hands of Lion Dr. Madhu Patel and it was his task to ensure that there were no untoward events during the operations.

It would have been extremely difficult to carry out the surgeries without dedicated Surgical and Anaesthetic technicians and therefore the Medical committee would like to appreciate the staff of the #Mombasa and Pandya hospitals for the excellent work during the camp.

The Medical team was very ably supported by other club members who included Club President Lion Rashida Pirbhai, Lions Zainul Dar, Tasneem Dar, Akil Adamjee, Mary Mwami ( Region Chairperson), Mustafa Dar, Mwami Se-Mayama, Muzaffer and Husseina Essajee. The onus was on these Lions to ensure that everything pertaining to the camp was in place and that there were no shortcomings. Lion Zainul Dar did a commendable job, leading from the front and ensuring that there were no hindrances throughout the camp.

The #Lions #Club #of #Mombasa #Bahari is very grateful to #TAWFIQ #HOSPITAL and its Administrator, MR. AHMED ABOUD, for their generosity and support throughout the camp. The staff of Tawfiq Hospital did a commendable job in ensuring that all was well right throughout the camp. Their hard work and dedication is highly appreciated by the club.
To Mr. Ahmed Aboud, we say a big ‘ASANTE SANA’ for all his support and hard work in ensuring the success of this camp. The club has promised Mr. Ahmed that it will return there next February to carry out an even bigger camp at his hospital.

Camps of such magnitude cannot be carried out with generous support from members of our society. The club is highly indebted to #FREIGHT #FORWARDERS #KENYA #LTD. for their very generous sponsorship towards this camp. As in the past, they have been our ardent supporters and the #Lions #Club of #Mombasa #Bahari highly appreciates their support for the needy and less fortunate members of our society.

More see more photos from our Medical Camp on our facebook page: 

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